Well do the grizzly task and do the high classed lizard task. Use avas (I mean I personnally would use sds with the dragon priestes because they can be "a bitch" going invisible alot, like warlocks/infernalists) The profit depends on the loot tbh, sometimes it can be waste sometimes its breakeven and sometimes it can be profit. But the exp is good esp if you are luring alot of them and ava the lot.

The same as the underwater quaras (in calassa or yala quaras) and luring and using thunderstorming the place. Like the lizards the profit depends on the loot.

I know I sometimes make 50-60k profit at calassa or high class lizards at your level, depending on loot and was getting quite good exp there.

Poi dls is good solo, if it isnt camped, I havent been there for years so i dont remember there exp but it good exp, I usually waste there tho, but the decent exp makes up for it.

-Gitar Jungbec

Inhabitant of Amera
Vocation: Paladin
Level: 21

workers w/thunderstorms

-Fire Zig

Inhabitant of Samera
Vocation: Elder Druid
Level: 206

Errblivion Merrksman

Inhabitant of Askara
Vocation: Elder Druid
Level: 37

I recently started this druid on a new world from scratch and must say its not as hard as you might think.
but to get a better insight on things what are your eqs, willingness to waste, ml and do you have a blocker/friends?

some places I have tried are mistrock with stone shower, was extreme waste, not even that great exp, maybe peaked at 60k/hour.

horestis tomb was pretty okay just rod/flam, little waste or pretty good profit depending on if you lootbag plate armors and how long you stay.
(if you have a blocker or friends you can do the deeper floors for better exp/profit)

if you are feeling risky you can try out ancient scarabs too.(they wont one shot you but two can easily) you can easily get 90-100k/hr and its always profit even if you dont lootbag plate armors.

depending on your experience with mages you could try gfbing tombs. little waste or even huge profit if you have blessed wooden stake and the price of vamp dusts on your world.

banuta with avalanches is about the same as mistrock, nearing 60k/hr~ but never profit.

tarantula task is actually quite decent too. i believe i was getting around 50-55k/hr going to all 5 caves. it was even profit using flam and rod instead of just rod(assuming you have at least ml 35+ you should profit too). plus you have hide at the end of the task which is a nice 5k minimum loot.(note: i also carried a stealth ring or two for going clearing holes when you go up/down with 4-5 tarantulas)

if you are really hurting for cash you could bring blank runes to penisula and hunt with monks/making icicles(or avalanche depending on the market prices on your world). its not that great exp, maybe 30-35k, but you are making runes and collecting gp so it isnt all that bad.

as of lately i have been working on the minotaur task also so i have been camping out the darashia lair with avalanches and a few stealth rings. if you lootbag and have an obsidian knife it is for sure profit but only medicore exp as you are waiting on the spawn most of the time.

hope i helped but im only a casual player so i never hunt for more than an hour or two at a time, so these would only be basic suggestions for around level 30-50.

Well I kinda find it difficult to lvl up since its my first Druid & I was wondering where is a nice place to hunt & make some cash.

I've tried dragon lairs but they are All full & I can't get a decent exp there, much less make profit.

Also I've tried Mistrock & Banuta, but I don't think they are really good places though. Any suggestions are welcome.

Assuming you're not entirely incompetent, try Crystal Spiders on the floor below the peak of formorgar glacier (Peak is too hard at your level). You'll be fine so long as you bring some SD to handle emergencies and/or luring.

Well I believe I have a decent EQ which is Blue Legs, Zaoan Shoes, Focus Cape, Crown Shield, & Crusader Helmet. My Ml is 48 without Focus.

I have around 30k for waste so That might last for a bit not sure though, but I would prefer to make profit so at a higher lvl I could make higher waste & better exp.

Also about blockers, well I sometimes can get a friend to block me, but since I log in casually (Usually an hour or twomaybe more if I get the chance) & we have different timezones, that doesn't come up too often.

Btw, thx for the advise Ill try those places & see how I goes.

I've heard about Darashia Vamps, is it a nice place to try?

Might sound silly but cyclops are great! south-west Port Hope's tarantular lair is great too!, you might also want to do the task for them by talking to Grizzly Adams!

Ancient scarabs, they're the best exp you can get at your level and it'll be either breakeven or profit for you since you got a good magic level. Use a hailstorm rod and switch your hat for a terra hood if you got one, otherwise you're gonna loot it there soon enough. The southwest spawn in Ank is the best one, make a lootbag with plate armors and cap the creature products etc. yourself and you'll have a really good time there probably. Hit the scarabs till red and let em run in the corners, they're waste and you don't need them for the exp. Focus on killing ancients. They're easier for a sorc but still good for a druid, guessing you'll get around 60-70k/h of exp.

I leveled up quite a few mages back in the old days when I was really into the game, what I used to do was take up to 35 with a melee weapon on larva's/rotworms. At 35 I started making profit on ancient scarabs and good exp, and when it bored me I burned the profit at Omruc tomb (the one at the peninsula) on the lowest floor, lots of vampires and necro's there, it was often waste but it was really good exp for low levels, around 120k/h with just wand/rod and exori frigo/flam and exevo flam/frigo hur. After I'd run out of cash, I'd go back to ancient scarabs which was lower exp, but profit. Make back up to like 50k then go back to omruc again. This way you make 35-60 in no time and you got 2 different spawns to enjoy which keeps it less boring. apart from that you also get lucky from time to time on Omruc and loot a boh/vampire shield, also in the time I did that stuff there were no creature products, which makes it more profit nowadays probably. Omruc is definately not a place you wanna go if you're new to druid tho, quite some can come up to you at the same time and if u really wanna enjoy the spawn you need to be 'skilled' with shooting frigo hurs hitting all creatures etc. and dodging attacks. Not that it's really hard, but if you're new to the vocation stick to ancient scarabs. Also happens to be 2 places that don't seem to be crowded with cheaters nowadays, especially the tomb

Drefia, it is a good amount of vamps but not enough for you to circle around and constantly kill them. if you want it to be worth while you should haste between the vamps and the necros on the floor above ignoring the demon skeletons/ghosts/ghouls with a stealth ring or invisibility.

more than likely you will waste here only because necros are not the best creatures to profit on(unless you are extremely lucky with boh/noble axe/etc).

and your eqs are pretty good for your level so anything i suggested should be a piece of cake considering ive been doing them with basics like plate legs and strange helmet.

In your level I hunted at the last floor of the penisuela tomb with avalanches. I always profited due to the vamp dusts, and the exp is around 120k-240k/h(no HH) depending on how skillful you are.

in lvl 36 - 50 i did hunt earth elementals and dragons with my druid.. also mistrock with stoneshower works pretty good but it's waste. you could also get a blocker and hunt giant spiders in yalahar. on level 50-80 i prefere water elementals. then i'd hunt wyrms in liberty bay or dragon lords in farmine. till lvl 120~. then you can go poi dragon lords. you could also hunt hellspawns with a blocker. this goes till lvl 140.. then you could go hellspawns solo with lureing 3-6 hellspawns then run away and avalanch them. you could also go lizards with avalanche… deeplings with a GOOD blocker or draken walls with a GOOD blocker, (special tipp: try souleaters, they might be a bit hard at lvl 140 but they are really great exp and insane profit) this goes till level 170~.. then go serpent spawns goroma or banuta till level 999

Yesterday, I was gonna try some, I got to do half of the Tarantula task, lvling on port hope & got killed by a Masskick LMAO, so now I have to buy my blessings, but later on I will keep on trying.

Buy a prem scroll for 10$ and sell it for 500k. Use the money to make avalanches for magic level and buy GFB runes.

Go to peninsula tomb first floor past scarab coin portal. Use mostly GFB, some avalanche in the demon skel rooms. Hunt here for 150k exp/hour. I never saw anyone there on this char, can't really bot there so its usually free.

Around level 50 do access to Ramoa quest. Isn't a hard solo but mana shield the hard rooms cause its cheaper than die'n.

Hunt Ramoa above ground floor and down to -2 for around 250k per hour. Use the avalanches you made, keep making avalanches, GFB when no demon skeletons present. Sometimes will be someone else there, but again its not a popular place to bot so is usually free.

You will probably die once or twice in pen tomb if you aren't careful. I died twice there both times because an invisible stalker blocked my exit path, 2-3 vampires caught me, dead fast. Takes longer to buy blessings than to get the exp back.

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