Elite Knight Guide

Okay. First thing's first - pick out an awesome new character name for your new knight. As quickly as you can, get it leveled off Rook and start training. If you have a friend with a level 27 or higher mage, you're in business- just get him to summon a monk or two, a couple of pairs of monsters to attack the monks AND you (but don't use rotworms, because they're bugged and don't hit consistently, thus not helping you train well), and train your butt off till you're 80/80.

Blessings are a necessity. Just like you back up your files on the computer, you're in need of backing up your skills and equipment as much as possible. This is the difference between hours and days of make up if you die.

On a more in-depth guide, we can see what the rising Knight should do at various levels.

Levels 8-15 (premium)

A great place to start is the wasp tower in Darashia. Purchase Exura when you get level 9, and buy a Dwarven Shield, Plate Armor (or Scale if you're unable), Plate Legs, and a Serpent Sword (Orcish Axe if you want to train Axe). Then travel on the Magic Carpet to edron and fight trolls. Kill trolls here until you're level 15.

Levels 15-20(premium)

At this level, head down a bit further till you find the Edron Goblins. This is a great place to get your next five levels. If you'd like some extra cash, this is a prime place to catch botters. Be careful and discrete when you kill them, and you can make some decent income.

Level 20-25(premium)

Now is the time to upgrade your equipment. If going sword, buy a Crimson sword; if axe, go with a Barbarian Axe. Of course, try to buy from players first, as they can be cheaper than the merchants in Edron.

Don't forget to upgrade your character to elite status. This will provide you with better regeneration and the ability to use special spells.

Take the magic carpet to Darashia, then head over to the Giant Spider tomb. The hole you're looking for is 3 squares East of the dead bush that is there. If the Giant Spider tomb is taken, go to either one of the larva caves if you'd like experience, or rotworm caves if you want cash. You can increase your cash output by looting maces and swords, and selling them (Don't sell them to the Darashia NPC, but rather wait until you have a considerable amount, then parcel them to Thais and sell them to Sam).

Level 20-30(premium)

If you're looking for a break, head on over to the Ice Islands and complete the Ice Islands quest to get access to the Barbarians. With decent respawn, you can rake in about 20,000 - 30,000 experience per hour. Be sure to watch out for Bloodwalkers.

If you have over 65 in your weapon skill, Edron Cyclopisis is another excellent option.

Level 25-40(premium)

Buy a bright sword or fire axe when you reach level 35.
If you have any friends high enough level and who have the key, you can do both the noble armor/crown helmet quest and the Crusader helmet quest. The level requirement for both both is 35.

Your new stomping ground should be the rotworm cave in Liberty Bay. Go down to the last floor where there are carrion worms and rotworms. You can get as much as 15,000 experience per hour and can make you fast cash in the meantime.

Level 30-50
When you have the possibility and cash, you should get as good equipment as possible because you will waste less and less while hunting. Good equipment simply means lesser waste. You should also buy blessings at this level if you haven't already done so as they are not so expensive.
During this level bracket, you are going to kill mutated humans in Yalahar. Not only will you get a lot of gold for your efforts, but you'll be streaming in about 50,000 experience per hour.

Tortoises in Laguna and Fenrock will also be a good new place to hunt. Don't forget to take tasks in the Killing in the name of… Quest. The easiest task to do would be Tarantula's in Port Hope. It doesn't take long to do and you will surely profit. Also don't forget to do the Black Knight Quest and Deeper Fibula Quest upon reaching level 50.

If you want some fun, average experience (but with the risk of getting either very bad waste or really awesome loot), head over to a Dragon Cave. You could go to Edron Dragons if you're skilled enough, or the Ankrahmun Caves. Remember to bring a couple backpacks of normal mana potions, and when you get to level 50, bring strong health potions.

Alternatively, you could do the ice island quest (until the Braindeath Mission, but do bring a friend for the place where you have to kill crystal spiders) and go to Chakoyas. Chakoyas spill GREAT cash, good exp (20,000-35,000/hour), but can be very boring and repetitive. However, there are usually a lot of juicy botters waiting to be destroyed. Be careful here, because you're now becoming strong enough to be well known in the community. Bring 2 or 3 backpacks of normal healing potions here.

Another place you can go is just north of Port Hope. Just run around the whole place, but don't go any further north.

Level 50-60

You are now strong enough to try the Big Barbarian Camp where you will get good profit and around 60,000+ experience/hour. Frost Giants are also good to hunt and will net you about 50,000/hour. Apes and Lizards are also good for you're leveled well. When you are level 60 you should ask someone to clear the Medusa Shield Quest for you.

Level 60-80

Now you are going to try Zombies which will give you a hefty profit and around 80,000 experience/hour (around 115,000 experience/hour on higher level). You should also try out hunting Cults in Yalahar. You will get around 60,000 - 100,000 experience/hour depending on how fast you kill them. If you want to do a task, you should try Pirates which gives you 60,000 - 70,000 experience/hour. Be careful, because you may waste too much on Pirates. In Mistrock you can try Cyclops with around 60,000 - 80,000 experience/hour and you can come away with a profit. At level 80 you should be doing the POI Quest and Behemoth Quest!

Level 80-130

If you don't have skills 90+ in either club, sword or axe, you should start with training them up until you do. You should now hunt at the Mutated Arena in Yalahar where you will have good income a fresh 100,000 experience/hour. Wyrms in Drefia or Liberty Bay are also good if you want good experience and profit (90,000 experience/hour). Bog Raiders in Edron or Yalahar are pretty good at 100,000 experience/hour and decent income if you loot many Rods. You can try hunting Dragon Lords and Frost Dragons which will give you 150,000 experience/hour and admirable income if you have good luck for loot. Sea Serpents may also work but don't forget to take the task first. You'll probably get around 150,000 experience/hour there. Be sure to do the Inquisition Quest at level 100 and Annihilator Quest at level 120+.

Level 130-160

By this time you should have a lot of cash so it's time to waste some! Take someone who can Sio with you and go hunt Frost Dragons, Dragon Lords, Nightmares with the use of the Exori spell. The 200,000-400,000 experience/hour is great and you have the chance of looting something rare.

Level 160-200+

Hopefully by now you have befriended an Elder Druid. You can look at yourself and be proud that you've become a true blocker! You can now go on big team hunts such as Hellspawns. Keep exori going and exevo frigo hur with the sio caster. This can be really good profit and extremely fun. Your experience/hour can reach over 300,000. You can also go as a team to hunt in POI and INQ but it might not be worth it financially. You can start casting exori on Serpent Spawns/Hydras in Port Hope (beneath Apes). Knightmares and Grim Reapers are also very fun! You'll get profit sometimes but the experience/hour is really good (400,000 experience/hour). Vengoth Caste is also very fun and profitable. This will net you 300,000 - 500,000 experience/hour with exori!

When you are level 200, you should try to get rare items, keep leveling, buy a house and marry someone.

Good Luck!

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