The Great List of Exp/H for knights [UPDATED 21.10]

By: Vonome

Dear knights.

Instead of having lots of "where to hunt" topics, why don't we just create one together including exp/h. Solely for knights.

This is how it works

You post here where did you hunt, what are your skills and most importantly how much exp/h did you get. If you're kind enough, you can as well name your equipment and don't forget to mention did you profit or waste and preferably mention how much per hour.

Information about the list

The exp/h includes the very minimum and the very maximum (including bonus hour).

The info for the list are not made up by me, but by players who're posting here. So, if there's some info completely wrong, please inform me about it and I shall correct it.

I hope to have players fill the question marks in the list to make it closer to a nice list.


- Don't hunt there just for 5 minutes, try to be there at least for an hour, before you tell here how much exp/h did you get overall.

- It doesn't have to be the best hunting spot for knights; I'd like to have the exp/h statistics of as many hunting spots as possible.

I will be updating the list on this topic as often as I can.

I have separated high and low level hunting spots.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Higher Level Hunting Spots

Yalahar Grim Reapers
Exp/hour: 250k - 850k
Loot/hour: -30k to +10k
Recommended level: 250+

Yalahar Nightmares & Grim Reapers combo
Exp/Hour: 450-850k/h
Loot/Hour: -75k
Recommended level: 300+

Farmine Brimstone Bugs Surface All
Exp/hour (lure mode): 280k - 540k
Exp/hour (no lure mode): 180k - 340k
Loot/hour (lure mode): -25k to +5k
Loot/hour (no lure mode): -5k to +20k
Recommended level (lure mode): 250+
Recommended level (no lure mode): 200+

Yalahar Vengoth Castle
Exp/hour: 300k - 530k
Loot/hour: -10k to +25k
Recommended level: 180+

Yalahar Nightmares
Exp/hour: 150k - 380k
Loot/hour: -5k to +20k
Recommended level: 180+

Yalahar Fenrock Dragon Lair
Exp/hour: 220k - 410k
Loot/hour: -15k to +10k
Recommended level: 180+

Farmine Brimstone Bugs S. South
Exp/hour: 150k - 340k
Loot/hour: +10k to +30k
Recommended level: 180+

Edron Elemental Spheres
Exp/hour: 100k - 190k
Loot/hour: up to +40k
Recommended level: 180+

Farmine Brimstone Bugs Lair
Exp/hour: 100k - 190k
Loot/hour: up to 30k
Recommended level: 160+

Yalahar Bog Raiders Camp
Exp/hour: 110k - 200k
Loot/hour: -5k to +15k
Recommended level: 140+

Sea Serpents
Exp/Hour: 150-700k
Loot/Hour: 10-30k
Recommended level: 110+

Frost Dragons
Exp/Hour: 200-700k
Loot/Hour: -20k - +?
Recommended level: 150+

Deeper Banuta
Exp/Hour: 400-800k/h
Loot/Hour: -40 - +20k
Recommended level: 250+

Draken Walls
Exp/Hour: 800-1.5kk (to get the max exp you need someone to pick up your loot)
Exp/Hour (Solo on floors 0-1): 450-500k/h
Exp/Hour (Solo on floors 2-3): 470-550k/h
Loot/Hour: 100-200k
Loot/Hour (Solo on floors 0-1): 50k per hunt
Loot/Hour (Solo on floors 2-3): 75k per hunt
Recommended level: 250+ with a druid
Recommended level (solo): ?

Exp/Hour: 150-350k
Loot/Hour: 10-15k
Recommended level: ?

Farmine Dragonblaze Peaks (High Class Lizards)
Exp/Hour: 150-450k
Loot/Hour: -10 - +20k
Recommended level: 120+

Farmine Dragonblaze Peaks (Dragon Lords/Frost Dragons)
Exp/Hour: 200-350k
Loot/Hour: -5k - +?
Recommended level: ?

Gray Beach Deeplings
Exp/Hour: 150-300k
Loot/Hour: 5 - 15k
Recommended level:

Liberty Bay Wyrms
Exp/Hour: 150-330k/h
Loot/Hour: +0 - +30k/h
Recommended level: 100+

Zaogun Walls
Exp/hour: 150k - 450k
Loot/hour: 15k to 30k
Recommended level: 200+

Yalahar Worker Golems
Exp/Hour: 150-400k
Loot/Hour: Waste unless you're lucky with rares.
Recommended level: 150+?
Note: exori ico and hur, gran ico, if just one golem, exori min, exori, if more.

Yalahar Plaguesmiths/Hellspawns
Exp/Hour: 450-550k/h
Loot/Hour: 20-100k per hunt, depends on rares.
Recommended level: ?
Note: Lure 4-6 monsters, exura ico for healing, utito tempo and all kind of exories to attack.

Small Ghastly Dragons Spawn
Exp/Hour: 400-450k/h
Loot/Hour: 20-150k per hunt, depends on rares.
Recommended level: ?

Goroma Serpents
Exp/Hour: 550-700k/h
Loot/Hour: 10-100k per hunt
Recommended level: ?

Inquisition DT Seal
Exp/Hour: 350-450k/h
Loot/Hour: Usually waste.
Recommended level: ?

Lower Level Hunting Spots

Edron Cyclopolis
Exp/Hour: 50-120k
Loot/Hour: 6k+
Recommended Level: 30+

Mistrock Cyclops
Exp/Hour: 30-99k
Loot/Hour: 5k+
Recommended level: 30+
Note: On lower level characters watch out for smiths.

Venore Orc Fortress
Exp/Hour: 40-150k
Loot/Hour: 10-25k (lootbagging)
Recommended level: 50+

Nargor Pirates
Exp/Hour: 60-110k
Loot/Hour: 5k+
Recommended level: 50+

Yalahar Pirates

Exp/Hour (luring 1-2 and exori ico): 85k/h
Exp/Hour (luring many and exori/exori ico): 110k/h
Loot/Hour: 5k+
Tip: Keep utura on all the time
Recommended level: 60+

Zao Killer Caimans
Exp/Hour: 80-145k
Loot/Hour: 10-20k
Recommended level: 60+

Yalahar Cemetery Quarter Zombies
Exp/Hour: 50-80k
Loot/Hour: 20k (lootbagging)
Recommended level: 40+

Yalahar Alchemist Quarter Mutated Humans & Rats
Exp/Hour: 75k
Loot/Hour: 5k
Recommended level: 65+ (for mutated rats)

Banuta Apes
Exp/Hour: 50k
Loot/Hour: 5-10k+
Recommended level: 45+

Yalahar Arena
Exp/Hour: 100-150k
Loot/Hour: ?
Recommended level: 65+
Note: Hunt the mutated rats all the way down to Undead Gladiators. Keep utura on all the time and use all life rings you loot.

GS Island (Malada, Forbidden Islands)
Exp/Hour (ground only): 60-160k
Exp/Hour (ground & underground): 100-200k
Loot/Hour (ground only): 5-10k, looting gps and plate sets will be main profit. K-sets, gss, etc. will make good profit.
Loot/Hour (ground & underground): you will profit a bit less, but get more exp.
Level recommended: 90+ (lower with good eq and skills)
Note: It'll be easier to profit by using the royal mailbox, if you've completed the postman quest.

Yalahar Cemetery Quarter Giant Spiders
Exp/Hour: 60-110k
Loot/Hour: 3-25k
Recommended level: 80+
Note: Make lootbags in order to profit.

Vengoth Ground Haunted Treelings
Exp/Hour: 80-200k
Loot/Hour: 5k+
Recommended level: 60+

Laguna Island Tortoises
Exp/Hour: 55-80k
Loot/Hour: 4k+
Recommended level: 35+
Note: Use utura to heal.

Krimhorn Ice Witches Tower
Exp/hour: 60k - 90k
Loot/hour: 5k to 25k
Recommended level: 80+

Banuta (apes) -2
Exp/Hour 45 - 60k
Loot/Hour 10k to 20k
Recommended level 90+

Yalahar cults -4 (no serpent spawns)
Exp/Hour: 90k - 120k
Loot/Hour: 10k to 40k
Recommended level: 100

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