The Great List of Exp/H for mages [UPDATED 21.10]

By: Vonome

Dear mages.

This is just the same as the great list of exp/h thread for knights. Except that it's for sorcerers and druids.

This is how it works:

You post here where did you hunt andhow much exp/h did you get. If you're kind enough, you can as well name your equipment and don't forget to mention did you profit or waste and preferably mention how much per hour. Also post what level do you recommend to hunt there. Please try to post as specific information as possible.

Information about the list

The exp/h includes the very minimum and the very maximum (including bonus hour).

The info for the list are not made up by me, but by players who're posting here. So, if there's some info completely wrong, please inform me about it and I shall correct it.

I hope to have players fill the question marks in the list to make it closer to a nice list.


- Don't hunt there just for 5 minutes, try to be there at least for an hour, before you tell here how much exp/h did you get overall.

- It doesn't have to be the best hunting spot for mages; I'd like to have the exp/h statistics of as many hunting spots as possible.

I will be updating the list on this topic as often as I can.

I have separated high and low level hunting spots.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Higher Level Hunting Spots

Lizard City
Exp/Hour: 400-700k (1.3kk)
Loot/Hour: +- 0
Recommended level: 150+
Note: (a lot) More exp, if you are not collecting creature products.

Vengoth Castle (Vampires, Brides and Nightstalkers)
Exp/Hour: 150-300k
Loot/Hour: Depends on luck with rares
Recommended level: 130+
Note: Good place to get Vampire Dusts while getting decent exp.

Liberty Bay Behemoths
Exp/Hour: 100-250k
Loot/Hour: ~60k
Recommended level: 130+
Note: Good place to get fangs/behe task while getting decent exp.

Cyclopolis Behemoths
Exp/Hour: 150-500k
Loot/Hour: ~80k
Recommended level: 150+
Note: Luring while using avalanches will give you (much) more exp (but less profit).

Exp/Hour: 400-700k
Loot/Hour: 40k/h
Recommended level: 120+
Note: Just run around and throw GFB's. Try to use defensive equipment, at least on lower levels.

Draken Walls (elder druid + elite knight)
Exp/Hour: 750k-1.4kk
Loot/Hour: profit
Recommended level: 250+?

Deeper Banuta (master sorcerer)
Exp/Hour: 200-500k (800k)
Loot/Hour: ?
Recommended level: 150+
Note: More exp with SDs and wave spells.

Grim Reapers
Exp/Hour: 600-900k
Loot/Hour: ?
Recommended level: 200+

Yalahar War/Worker Golems
Exp/Hour: 220-450k
Loot/Hour: ?
Recommended level: 200+

Yalahar Quaras
Exp/Hour: 250-500k
Loot/Hour: ?
Recommended level: 200+

Yalahar Hellspawns (-1)
Exp/Hour: 150-600k
Loot/Hour: 30-100k per hunt
Recommended level: 100+
Note: Use avalanches and SDs for plaguesmiths.

Yalahar Hellspawns Top
Exp/Hour: 200-250k
Loot/Hour: ?
Recommened level: 130+

Lizard Chosens (Corruption Hole)
Exp/Hour: 250-400k
Loot/Hour: ~40k
Recommended level: ?
Note: Just exori~ spells.

Fenrock Dragon Lords
Exp/Hour: 150-310k
Exp/Hour (luring): 300-500k
Loot/Hour (luring): Dragon Lord Hunts must be evaluated for loot after 2+ hunts not in only one hunt, and to get loot you should kill alot of dls and stay moderate long time there.
Loot/Hour: Minor profit or big profit depending on rares.
Recommended level: ?
Recommended level (luring): ?
Note (luring): Lure 3 to 4 DL's and avalanche them down.
Note: Just exori~ spells.

Goroma Serpent Spawns & Medusas
Exp/Hour: 400k-1kk
Loot/Hour: -20k- +70k/ profit depending on rares.
Recommended level: Main floor 150+ / Lower floor + The hall to the floor 180+
Note: Hunt with SDs.

PoI Dragon Lords
Exp/Hour (no waste): 210-500k
Exp/Hour (waste): 400-700k
Loot/Hour (no waste): Minor profit or big profit depending on rares.
Loot/Hour (waste): Waste / profit depending on rares.
Recommended level (no waste): ?
Recommended level (waste): 140+
Note (no waste): Just exori~ spells. Or use just avalanche (while luring as many as you can handle).
Note (waste): Use Avalanche and SD runes while luring.

PoI Levers
Exp/Hour: 300-450k
Loot/Hour: 50-250k
Recommended level: 300+?
Note: Exori~ spells + Ice waves and SDs for plaguesmiths. Avalanches for Hellfire Fighters, Destroyers, Spectres and Diabolic Imps. Focus on the spawn with Destroyers.

PoI all seals (elder druid + elite knight)
Exp/Hour: 800k-1kk
Loot/Hour: not a lot of profit
Recommended level: 300+?

Calassa Quaras
Exp/Hour: 100-250k (300k)
Loot/Hour: Depending on rares.
Recommended level: 130+
Note: More exp with thunderstorm runes.

Hydra Cave
Exp/Hour: 200-250k
Loot/Hour: ?
Recommended level: 130+

Exp/Hour: 300-500k
Loot/Hour: 10k+ (without picking gps)
Recommended level: 200+?

Wote 8, bottom floor
Exp/Hour: 800k-1kk
Loot/Hour: profit
Recommended level: 300?

Deeplings Stage 3
Exp/Hour: 700-900k
Loot/Hour: not a lot of profit
Recommended level: 200+?

Exp/Hour: 900k-1,2kk
Loot/Hour: ?
Recommended level: 200+

Inquisition Hellfire Fighters
Exp/Hour: 750-950k+
Loot/Hour: 100k+
Recommended level: ?

Lower Level Hunting Spots

Port Hope Water Elementals
Exp/Hour: 100-160k
Loot/Hour: Profit?
Recommended level: 50+ (level door)
Note: Bring helmet of the deep to avoid major damage.

Zao Muggy Plains (Lizards)
Exp/Hour: 100-350k
Loot/Hour: Depends on luck with rares.
Recommended level: 60+
Note: Use avalanche runes.

Zao Dragon Lords
Exp/Hour: 150-400k
Loot/Hour: ?
Recommended level: 75+
Note: Be careful with more than one.

Liberty Bay Earth Eelementals
Exp/Hour: ?
Loot/Hour: 10-60k
Recommended level: 60+ (level door)

Darashia/Ankrahmun Energy Elementals
Exp/Hour: ?
Loot/Hour: Pure profit (lots of gps, manas and easily looted sellable items)
Recommended level: 70+
Tip: On a lower level be careful with many, they can combo high. Use terra strike & other possible earth attacks.

Yalahar Necromancers
Exp/Hour: ?
Loot/Hour: -10 - 40k+
Recommended level: 40+

Ankrahmun Dragons (Middle or north spawn)
Exp/Hour: ?
Loot/Hour: -10 - 50k+
Recommended level: 70+
Tip: Bring energy ring in case you face 2 dragon lords

Ankrahmun Ancient Scarabs (Hidden Larva cave)
Exp/Hour: 60-140k
Loot/Hour: 1-10k+
Recommended level: 50+

Mistrock Cyclops
Exp/Hour (waste): 100-150k+
Loot/Hour (waste): ?
Recommended level: 28+
Tip: Spam stoneshower runes.

Yalahar Dragons
Exp/Hour: 100-160k+
Loot/Hour: 2-40k (If you're lucky with Hydras loot)
Recommended level: 50+
Tip: Avoid Serpent Spawn and SD Hydras. Frigo for dragons.

Yalahar Hellspawns (With a blocker level 90+)
Exp/Hour: 250-350k+
Loot/Hour: 20-50k
Recommended level: 30+
Tip: A bit hard with this minimum level, but not impossible. Best for level 50+.

Formorgar Glacier Crystal Spiders & Ice Golems
Exp/Hour: 60-150k
Loot/Hour: 5-25k, not picking up gps, only rares and creature profucts.
Recommended level: 50+
Note: picking up gps is waste of time and cap. Take Crystal Spider & Ice Golems task. Use rod/wand and exori vis.

Yalahar Cults (all 3 floors except the SS)
Exp/Hour: 120-180k
Loot/Hour: Waste, if you don't loot rares.
Recommended level: 50+
Note: GFB them all. Heal with exura and wear soft boots.

Ankrahmun Stone Tomb (-2 floor through teleport)
Exp/Hour: 175-240k/h
Loot/Hour: -5k or break even without rares or lootbag, with rares and/or lootbag profit.
Recommended level: 80+ (possible eariler, if you're careful)
Note: GFB them all. Be careful with luring too many GS's and Ancient Scarabs with all those vampires, etc. running around. Lure only as much as you can handle. Make a lootbag, if you want to be sure not to waste a bit. Otherwise collect all cash and creature products.

Drefia Necromancers and Vampires
Exp/Hour: 100k
Loot/Hour: Good profit looting vamp dusts and possible rares.
Recommended level: 60+
Note: Bring WoI and stealth ring. Use gran hur to run back and forth vampires and necros.

Yalahar Worker Golems
Exp/Hour: 150-550k (depends on how you hunt)
Loot/Hour: -20k - profit depending on your luck with rares and hunt style.
Recommended level: 60+
Note: Use exori vis energy wand for the least waste, but also the least exp. If you want much exp use all kind of energy spells, luring lots of em a the time.

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