Loot Table gps/oz

This table should help you in determining which is the best loot to carry back to town in order to achieve the most profit. Most noobs don't understand that it is a lot more worth their time to hunt a little bit longer to find that viking helmet than to wander back with a bunch of baby maces. Also, empty vials or worth more in their weight than plate legs, morning stars and Dwarven Shields. So if you've been dropping empty vials in order to pick up those loot items, you're wasting your time.

If you are making loot bags of anything less than empty vials you obviously way hard up for cash. I could almost recommend possibly begging for free itnz plx in the depot. Every now and then a donating player will toss you a plate set and everything your respective class needs to afford a few good hunts. I.E. spears, throwing knives, light magic missile runes or a serpent sword. Just don't overdo it. People hate beggars. You ever see anyone wearing the beggar outfit?!

Loot bags are also a very profitable way to make money fast. People don't do it as much anymore because they got tired of lamers tossing their hard worked for bags into rivers or just straight up stealing them. You'd have to have fast hands that would take years of practice to haul something into your depot without someone stealing it. But nowadays you can just hide them behind a tree, or better yet, find a far off, hardly traveled near post-office box and just mail it back to yourself. Getting into the habit of this and you can make much more money than you could imagine and possibly even stash up enough to buy those boots of haste in a short amount of time if you are lucky. Just don't forget to buy a few blessings ;p

Some nice places to loot bag at are dwarven mines and deep under mountsternum. Longswords, viking helmets and empty vials are a plenty down there most times.

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