There are many ways to die in the lands of Tibias.

I believe I will elaborate on some of the ways that I remember having died myself quite a many times. I will also attempt to throw in the lessons that I learned from them so that you might learn from my mistakes in order not to learn them the hard ways yourselves.

Once upon a time, when traveling on a great quest with a few of my guild mates I had came quite prepared. My highest leveled character at the time, a knight of level 40, I was carrying well over 200 small health potions. We had ventured far all over the ghostlands of Kazordoon. Having my plethora of healing supplies on me I felt quite invincible.

We wandered many of the caves, following my fearless comrade, in hopes of coming across the location he was looking for. He knew of a quest to a very secret place, and I was quite intrigued of finding this place out for myself. One of the caves led to a firey place with many evil creatures. Demon Skeletons to be exact. Four or Five of them.

I was attempting to hop up and down the stairs hitting them, so as to only be hit by one or two of them at a time. This was back in the time when you did not have to wait two seconds when changing floors to target and hit a creature. Anyways I was doing this pretty well, having killed 2 of the 5 when I made my fatal mistake.

The laptop I was playing on had an extra set of hotkeys up across the top row. I tryed to hit F5 once to heal and instead accidentally hit the hotkey that would open the Window Media Player button. 5 seconds later my heart raced as I saw the screen pause, with me being able to do nothing to walk back up the stairs or heal as my library opened. It was horrible. By the time I had gotten back, I logged back in and found myself in the temple.

My friends had reclaimed my supplies but it was too heavy for them to carry it all, as they were quite well equipped themselves. I continued talking to them on my way back, when they said that other people in the area had seen them kicking around the BP full of health potions and had stolen it. I had called up another friend who was quite empathetic to our situation and rushed in with his level 45 sorcerer.

He tossed sudden death runes on them attempting to regain the mass of supplies but they were healing too much with the massive amount of healing potions. They in turn called up one of their friends who came on a high-level at the time level 100.

He killed my friend who was only trying to get back our stolen goods and we all lost that day, but we learned. Never fxck with the brs.

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