Some More Tips

- When hunting dragons on a knight, always try to stand diagonal of them so that they miss you with most powerful attack, the fire wave that can hit for 100's. If you concentrate on doing this then they will be a lot easier, profitable as all you will be doing is blocking their melee attack and healing after GFB's until they start running in low health, then you might have trouble following them if they turn a corner and you wind up directly behind them again as they poop out a firewave. Having a few shooters would be nice, but it's exhilarating to solo them.

- As a mage attempting to hunt your first dragon, you are best off hunting rotworms and/or cyclops/beholders until you are level 28 and can summon a couple of demon skeletons because they are immune to fire. Bring some intense healing runes and heavy magic missiles to pelt away at the dragon with as the demon skeletons do all of the blocking for you. Use the intense healing runes on the demon skeletons in case the dragon is about to bite one of their heads off. By the time the dragon is in low enough health that it starts running away just be careful as you keep up with it while it runs away, continuing with the HMM runes if you can still aim them. Just try to keep in range of it so the demon skellies can finish it off. IT has been said that one of the best places to attempt to solo your first dragon would be the one far to the east in the ancient temple, but it respawns very slowly. The one to the west is pretty good to. Also the one on the devil helmet quest respawns extraordinarily fast, like once every 2-4 minutes.

- As a paladin hunting dragons, just try to get, oh 60-65, 70 distance depending on your skills. Then just be ready to run it around a rock or something and heal every time you see fire. You'll be looting dragon shields in no time. Don't forget to check out the new dragon lair to the east of dwarven bridge.

- If a pk is attempting to kill you and says to drop armor or bp, boh or whatever. DON'T! 9/10, or more statistically on average 99/100 will not stop if you pay them. If you give them your armor it will only make it easier for them to kill you and then they will have increased their chance of scoring your armor from 1/10 to 100%. If you give them your boh, it will only ease their chore of chasing you. Don't even give them anything even if you are trapped, sans your backpack, as this might slightly increase your odds of survival 1/100. If you are trapped and you know that you have no chance of escaping they are going to get it anyway, although it would be better to use all of your pots first. Toss it under a tree or in a river or on top of an unreachable spot if you have the chance. Just remember, once you perish they might attempt to hide your body so no one will see the evidence and attempt to track them down for justice. This is where yelling their name pk from the temple and posting in advertising, world-chat etc.. will increase your chances of being avenged. Include their class/level-premium account status as well if at all possible. Just by doing this, you increase the chance of your killer being caught by at least 82.777% (Statistical average calculated from Tibiaring listings of people who use this method versus new players who do not.)

- Get some freaking blessings. Idc if all you are sporting is a plate set at level 10. Paying 2k for the white flower temple blessing south of Thais and buying twist of fate from the temple will make it possible that a pk will score absolutely nothing from you 1/10 instead of getting your bp all the time. Don't go too gung-ho on blessings if you are still an absolute noob out exploring. It costs a ton if you die to a monster instead of a player. The PVP bless is valuable and for this reason you should be extra careful when hunting if you suspect lag or internet disconnections.

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