Here is a list of tips to help you pwn this MMO:

  • For every level you have gained you should carry double that in potions.
  • Say you are a knight, level 10, you should carry 20 health potions.
  • If you are a mage level 20, you should carry 40 mana potions
  • Never be afraid to use your potions. It is much less waste to lose a few extra health points that you could've gained if you use it to early than to use it to late and lose over 8 hours worth of power leveling.
  • As a knight it is wise to heal with exura ico and mana potions when you have time. You may still want to use health potions if you are losing health fast though, but to heal with spells will help increase your magic level.
  • Always use the full-defense stance if you are a mage, unless you are hunting with a melee weapon to gain mana to make runes.
  • You might as well also always use full attack if you are knight, since training is kind of old fashioned, since the invention of offline training, unless you are blocking cylops for a paladin or something like that.
  • Always use full-attack stance on paladin, unless you are training or attempting to conserve ammunition.
  • Try to get as close to a full speed set as fast as you can in order to save time. (i.e. Boots of haste, beetle necklace, grasshopper legs, rainbow shield, time ring.)
  • More to come…
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