If you are being chased by a pk, don't be afraid to stair hop(jump up and down on stairs, up and down on a ladder hole, sewer grate) while you buy time to call your friends, or just yell or say in game-chat trade something like, "PK EAST CARLIN 42 PALY 'unclezenho'

When starting out, just try to, um, make as much money as you can, and bank it all, don't carry it on you. Also you should be a knight, because they are the least expensive to play, can carry a lot of loot and heal pretty fast on their own so you won't have to waste many supplies while hunting.

See the lootgpsoztable

If you use a shimmer fish on ring of ending you can get a shimmer wand?

-Idea for update suggestion, 2 handed wands, staffs.

If you see dead bodies all over town, it might be a bad time to play, either get out of town fast or just log out and log back in at a later time when it's safe. It might just be some red skull who keeps running out of the temple spawn rooking themselves, but even in that case, if you don't know what you are doing don't attempt to attack them even if you see other people trying to attack them. It might be a trap, they may just be looking for people to yellow skull on them so they can attack back and kill them without any negative consequences on their own part.

Watch out for traps. Some lamers have been known to lure people into trap spots. It may seam innocent at first such as, "Please come help me." You follow them and then when you jump down the unsuspecting sewer hole you find yourself being attacked by like 5 guys with no means of escape.

There are secret places all over. Some of these places may be very good to know about. Strategic places where you can run and hide when people are chasing after you. Sometimes you can even have a friend block the path back to get you, and unless they start attacking or kill your friend they will have no way to get you.

Be wary when exploring new hunting places, always know a fast way out in case you have to retreat quickly. If an orc berserker comes chasing you and you hop down a hole where there are two more and have no way to escape that's your own fault. See if the auction house has any invisible rings for sale cheap.

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