War Tips

I think serious war guilds need to put their names as something such as:

Klidawfg viiiitabi
Klidawfg viieitabi
Klidawfg viiaitabi
Klidawfg vieitabii
Klidawfg viaitabii
Klidawfg vioitabii
Klidawfg viiotabii
Klidawfg veiitabii
Klidawfg voiitabii

And so forth…. you see, all those names are so similar and sound almost identical to pronounce that… how can a leader count down a combo on the enemy?

And how can they use the "~" to exiva them?

I really don't understand why i don't see much more of this from the serious pvp guilds.

When your name is "John" and your guild mates names are "paul" "thomas" "richard" it's so easy for the leader to call out an enemy name and count a combo, with all members knowing exactly who to target.

Also, all dress in the same outfit colours too..

NO wearing mounts or casting utana vid etc… u want to illiminate ALL variables where possible.

Why don't people do this?

Env Mannow

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